Web Resources

A list of the companies, websites, blogs and forums that we’ve used:


Builder (Link) Chassis Engine Gearbox
Tommy Boy AK Gen I LBC Getrag
Jo (JPB) AK Gen I LS3 (L99) GM 6L80 Auto
Michael Walker AK Rolling LS3 TKO600
Mark Harnett AK Gen II SBC Tremec Magnum
Andy Menzies AK Gen II SBC TKO500
Steve Hill AK Gen II Chevy 350 Tremec TKO500
Peter Jones AK Gen II SBC TKO600
Stuart Holden AK Gen III SBF TKO600
Mark Clayton AK Gen II LS6 Tremec T56 Magnum
Paul Williams AK Gen III LS3 Tremec

[Apologies to any of the above builders if I have quoted your chassis or running gear incorrectly!]