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Posts relating to research and decisions made prior to the arrival of the kit.

More Gear

Ordered a few more things this week. Firstly a paint marker (Thanks to Daniel French for that idea). Secondly some zip-loc bags to put the half used fastener pack contents in as it appears that you do not always use all the nuts and bolts that are in the pack in one go. Thirdly some sealant (black and clear) for the IVA trim and general use. Finally a dehumidifier for the garage which was recommended to me by a couple of colleagues, both of whom swear by them. Time will tell.


Preparation #10

Although the weather was still really good – September had turned out to be a real Indian summer – we had been discussIng how warm the garage would be in December. With the doors shut it was easy to see the light coming through the large gaps round them. Any warmth we might be able to generate from heaters would undoubtedly be sucked straight through them to the cold outdoors. Continue reading Preparation #10

Preparation #6

This week I have really been seeing see how the space might work, I also turned my mind to how I was going to install a workbench and plus somewhere for reading the manual, internet searches and the all important tea making! Although there were some amazing benches from the likes of Draper or Machine Mart, the budget was only so big, so I settled on some IKEA Besta units and a length of kitchen worktop for the workbench. The tea making bar would be made from melamine faced chipboard to match the IKEA units. Having bought the requisite bits during the week, the weekend was spent finalising how they would all fit together and starting to fix them in place.


Preparation #5

Another weekend with only limited time for working on the garage. Saturday was a trip to Brands Hatch for the British GT qualifying plus a few other jobs to do on Sunday. I managed to reorganise the ladders and bikes on the wall, but decided to get some better quality hooks to replace the random rusty nails that many of them hang from. I also decided to fill all of the smaller cracks in the floor on this first painted half. I had originally only done the more sizeable ones, but was much more diligent on the second half, and it really paid dividends.

Preparation #4

I had a week off work last week and we got stuck into a series of jobs round the house. At one point we seemed to have every room with some job started it it, and by the Thursday we decided we had to concentrate on finishing what we’d started, rather than beginning yet more projects. By Sunday we had most things completed, so today was all about the garage. At least the floor had had a good seven days to harden completely.

I spent a fair while working out the best way to reconstruct the shelving. My plan was to try and accommodate all the previous garage contents into one half of the storage area, leaving the other half for the numerous boxes of parts which would arrive with the kit. After a good deal of reorganisation, plus some ruthless decisions to consign certain stuff to the tip, I managed to achieve my goal. The garage was really beginning to resemble what I had hoped for. The floor looked great and had elicited envious looks from certain of the neighbours.


Preparation #3

I collected a new tin of floor paint on Tuesday and managed to finish the final small area of the first coat. It made such a difference to be able to see the whole floor done. We were going away at the weekend, but not leaving until Saturday lunchtime, so there was time to put a second coat on before leaving. I thinned the paint by 10% with white spirit which took a long time get thoroughly mixed in. It didn’t help that every potential stirring implement I had was circular in section; square things stir much better apparently.

The new strip light tubes also arrived this week. I couldn’t get any more brightness (wattage) without changing the complete light unit, so decided to try new tubes as the existing ones had been in for over ten years. I ordered the new ones in “cool white” rather than the traditional, warmer shade. Once they had warmed up, or should that be cooled down? They were definitely brighter, especially with the freshly painted white ceiling.