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Bonnet Chafing

The bonnet does seem to chafe against the bodywork, resulting in some small, but unsightly patches of bare aluminium.

Near side front edge of scuttle
Off side rear edge of nose cone

I ordered some more self adhesive foam from Caterham and put some additional strips on the underside of the bonnet and on the “shut points” to keep this under control. I also put a couple of bits behind the springs on the front bonnet catches which were also marking the bodywork.

Foam padding protecting bodywork from bonnet springs

Don’t spoil the ship…

Our research with bodyshops showed that it was going to be at least the same if not more to get the damaged wing repaired. I therefore ordered a replacement from Tony at Caterham.

While on the phone I asked him if there was a black silencer guard available. With our car having the black pack and the small guard already on the catalytic converter, I thought a similar guard on the silencer would look good. He said there was one that would fit and it was £35. Sold!

Email #13 – Options

I emailed Derek today to find out how easy it was to get a replacement wing. He pointed me in the direction of Tony, the parts guy at Caterham. I phoned him and found out that the wing would be just under £60 and he estimated about £80-£100 for painting it. It was about what I was expecting, but made the mistake we had made all the more irritating.

Before I bite the bullet and order it Carl is going to do a bit of research with bodyshops to see what it would cost to repair and repaint the existing wing.