On a business trip to Munich I decided to utilise the flights to read the manual in detail. Used GoodReader on the iPad to annotate questions or observations. Really interesting and I begin to get the hang of it, plus remember quite a few of the stages that Chris Hutchison mentions in the Youtube videos.

Fact Finding

Tudorev visited Caterham midlands to get all the questions answered plus gets a run out in one of the cars.

My initial estimate of £25k is a bit low, mainly because Greg and Carl suggest SV and lowered floors (£3300)

Other options make sense and looking at the used prices, it does seem that the SV does get reflected in the used car price

Questions… Questions…

While we were on holiday we had plenty of discussion about the project. We had limited access to the internet, so had to make do with analysing the price list and build manual. From this we came up with a list of questions that we needed to find the answers to first.


What is the best model /engine / specification / for reselling (nothing above SuperSport R)
SV / Lowered Chassis

Does either affect resale?
Do we need them to even get in?

Can you get unpainted & arrange painting yourself?
Where can you see swatches of the colours listed on the price list ?

What difference does opting for 15” wheels make?
What is the delivery time from placing an order?
Do they do driver training of any sort?