Preparation #1

I started preparation on the garage this week. Tudorev had secured the floor paint, so the first job was to clear the stuff to reveal half the garage floor. Having swept and vacuumed the concrete I then used a Karcher pressure washer and an AquaVac to clean the floor in sections. The AquaVac prevented the place developing a lake and also meant it was possible to clean the same patch immediately afterwards.


There were a couple of patches of oil from where vehicles had previously been standing. Although the floor paint is oil based, so should cover them, I had a go at these marks with a scrubbing brush and degreaser which certainly reduced the amount of staining on the concrete.
The floor certainly looked a lot cleaner and judging by the colour of the water in the AquaVac I had certainly made a difference.
I left the floor for three days to dry out thoroughly, aided by the hot weather. The following weekend we started to paint the floor, cutting in round the walls with a brush, then using a roller to paint the remainder. We diluted the first coat of paint by about 25% using white spirit.IMG_1502 It transformed the look of the floor, although the various cracks in the concrete still looked pretty obvious. Given their likelihood of being a magnet for washers and the like we decided to fill them with exterior polyfilla. A damp cloth smoothed the surface out to blend in with the surrounding concrete and after another coat of floorpaint it looked much better.

IMG_0952Whilst we had a clear, clean ¬†area in the garage we decided it made sense to paint the ceiling, as the unpainted plaster was quite dark and a winter build might need all the light we can get. Now I needed to swap all the stuff to the other side of the garage and repeat…


Silverstone Classic

Visited the Silverstone Classic today. It was a gorgeous day, so went up in the Z4. We were spoiled for choice – whether to watch the racing or wander round the hundreds of car clubs that were present there. I suppose it takes all sorts, but there are car clubs for the most obscure (and quite frankly awful) cars.

Loads of Sevens there with the Lotus Seven Club. Had a chat with Paul from LADS and bought a couple of T-shirts. Was also able to show lots of spec and colour differences to my wife using the numerous cars on display.

Production update

Got confirmation from Doug today that they can do 15″ anthracite “old style” wheels.

I have noticed that the 15″ wheel option seems to need Superlight suspension, we didn’t specify that and Greg didn’t mention anything when confirming the order.

Doug is going to check and revert…

Meanwhile Carl has been researching tyres and has got us looking at the whole wheel option topic again.

Wheels on Wheels

Which wheels to specify? That is the question. Having spent some time on forums and blogs here are my conclusions:

Standard wheels 14″


They come with CR500 tyres, which are much better than that standard ZR3’s
The handling is really good

It makes the car look “under-wheeled,” especially at the rear. This may be the view of a marketing influenced car owner, but it’s my opinion.

Option wheels 15″


Best looking option. By far.

You need to specify Superlight suspension (£800)