Order Update

I spoke to Doug today and he confirmed that the build schedule has not changed so the car should go into build next week. He indicated that delivery usually takes place 2-3 weeks later, provided there are no significant shortages in the build. We also discussed the access and whether there would be any issue with the gravel drive and I agreed to send him some photos so he can discuss with the delivery team.

Preparation #6

This week I have really been seeing see how the space might work, I also turned my mind to how I was going to install a workbench and plus somewhere for reading the manual, internet searches and the all important tea making! Although there were some amazing benches from the likes of Draper or Machine Mart, the budget was only so big, so I settled on some IKEA Besta units and a length of kitchen worktop for the workbench. The tea making bar would be made from melamine faced chipboard to match the IKEA units. Having bought the requisite bits during the week, the weekend was spent finalising how they would all fit together and starting to fix them in place.