Delivery day, that is.

Dean had not been able to say what time the car would arrive, but as the van was coming from Dartford the route would include the southern half of the M25 and the M4, so I was not expecting to hear anything until late morning at the earliest. Nevertheless I was up early to make the most of my day off, finishing some other jobs round the house before TudorEv arrived. Continue reading D-Day


A deafening silence all last week was a bit disappointing after Doug has intimated that we should hear something. I sent an email on Friday but still had no response. After a further phone call I finally heard from Dean this morning, saying they could deliver the car any day next week. Great news. Continue reading FINALLY!!

News At Last

I sent TudorEv a text this morning saying “I wonder whether we’ll hear anything this week?” Half an hour later Doug rang…

They were waiting for two final bits, including a clutch spigot bearing, but we’re expecting these parts today. The invoice will be sent out today and I should get the phonecall about delivery later this week. Progress!

Invoice duly arrives later on and I realised this was the first official printout of the spec we had received. The only other document I had is the original order form with was filled out by hand. I carefully went through the specification to discover that there is one option missing; side screen armrests. Now if I had to choose one of the options to be missing, that is definitely the one I would have selected, but it was still annoying. I dropped them an email pointing it out and almost immediately got a reply saying that side screen armrests were now standard on SV models with a weather kit. So not only did we have them, but we had saved £150 in the bargain.

Now the only thing left to do was to transfer the money.

Delivery Ponderings

Nothing from Caterham this week. I spend my time trying to work out how they might define their delivery times. For example, if your car is given a build in week x, presumably that means that it could start production anytime between the Monday and the Friday. How long does production actually take? A couple of days? A full week? More?

Also, they say that delivery is “typically three weeks after production.” Does this mean that you get the phonecall in this period or the car is actually delivered? Is that three weeks from the start of production, or completion?

I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas….

Preparation #10

Although the weather was still really good – September had turned out to be a real Indian summer – we had been discussIng how warm the garage would be in December. With the doors shut it was easy to see the light coming through the large gaps round them. Any warmth we might be able to generate from heaters would undoubtedly be sucked straight through them to the cold outdoors. Continue reading Preparation #10