Build Session #3 – Rewind

We were planning to start forthcoming weekend with some rust protection and I decided it would be easier to remove the suspension parts and steering rack to get the best access to the troughs where the aluminium skin folds under the chassis tubes. We had not torqued the bolts up, so it didn’t take long. What was apparent is how much easier it is to damage the bodywork with the wishbones when you are on your own. Fortunately I didn’t…

Email #1

Hi Derek

A couple if questions on the gearbox if you don’t mind.

1. We don’t seem to have a clutch release bearing – I think Ian and Doug both mentioned that you were still waiting to get one into stock. Do you know when we might see one? This will be sent out today.

2. How do we tell whether we have the “5 speed gear Sigma” box or the “New 2014 5 speed Caterham gearbox?” You do have the new gearbox.

3. We don’t have Gearbox fastener pack 36G006A but I’m presuming the fixings are in 3EZ1105 instead? You are correct.

Best regards



I’ve been having real withdrawal symptoms this weekend. I was out and about on social occasions so was reduced to talking to fellow guests at these events about the project and boring them with photographs…

Build Session #1 – The Build Begins…

Finally, 25 weeks and four days after first ordering the car we began the assembly.

Although we planned to do some corrosion protection at some point, we felt like we wanted to do something a bit more exciting as it was our first day, so we began unsurprisingly, with the steering rack and front suspension. Continue reading Build Session #1 – The Build Begins…

More Gear

Ordered a few more things this week. Firstly a paint marker (Thanks to Daniel French for that idea). Secondly some zip-loc bags to put the half used fastener pack contents in as it appears that you do not always use all the nuts and bolts that are in the pack in one go. Thirdly some sealant (black and clear) for the IVA trim and general use. Finally a dehumidifier for the garage which was recommended to me by a couple of colleagues, both of whom swear by them. Time will tell.