Manual Frustrations

No work on the car this weekend due to Christmas visiting. However I did use the time to try and plan ahead for the week between Christmas and New Year. Derek was not working, but had said that he would be monitoring his emails during the period to support the kit builders. What a top chap!

The rest of my email was concerning clarification of the electrical connections for the engine and gearbox the manual was sadly out of date regarding these topics between pp 81 and 82 the following collections are described:

Given that the version of the manual was dated August 2014 it is disappointing to see that this is so far wrong I ended up emailing a picture with every lead allocated a reference and asking Derek to clarify what each was for

It was a similar situation with the gearbox The manual describes connecting the reversing light cables from the gearbox to the connector in the transmission tunnel. Our gearbox had two pairs of cables coming from it and there was no mention of what the second pair was for. Derek confirmed that it was for a neutral light, which is not used.

Given this is the new 2014 gearbox, surely it would be worth noting that in the manual and prevent everyone asking the same question, or connecting the wrong cables…