No News is Bad News

It’s now five weeks since the car was collected for its PBC & IVA.

I spoke to Alex at Caterham Midlands who said that they still have not heard back from the DVLA on the IVA application. This means they have not even looked at the car as they only tend to do the PBC when they have the IVA test booked…

She said that the current delay was certainly not normal, but they was not much more they can do as it is in the hands of the DVLA.

Even when we get the IVA application back, there will likely be a ten day wait for a test, and then two-three weeks to get the paperwork back and the car registered.

I wish I had put the application in sooner. Given that you have to specify when the vehicle will be available for test there would be no harm in applying as soon as you have a reasonable number of evidential photographs.

Certainly a tip for any future builders.