In mitigation…

Scrolling through Blatchat today I came across a post from NedK with a similar tale of frustration with the IVA process. He submitted his application on 17 April and has a test date of 13 July!

His advice: “…put the steering rack on, bolt a couple of wishbones on, make it look like the build is underway, take some pictures and apply for your IVA immediately. “

(See more at:

I could not agree more.

OK, maybe I have been a bit harsh wondering that it was something Caterham Midlands were, or were not doing…

Cart before the horse

How ironic that another letter arrived from the DVLA today with a certificate to go and have some number plates made when I have already got the logbook.

What is also disappointing, but not surprising, is that I have heard nothing from Caterham Midlands. I would have expected them to have let customers know what happens after the IVA; what to expect. Do they know the car is registered? How much do I owe them? Is there anything else to do? Can I just go and collect it?

The silence is deafening….