Bonnet Chafing

The bonnet does seem to chafe against the bodywork, resulting in some small, but unsightly patches of bare aluminium.

Near side front edge of scuttle
Off side rear edge of nose cone

I ordered some more self adhesive foam from Caterham and put some additional strips on the underside of the bonnet and on the “shut points” to keep this under control. I also put a couple of bits behind the springs on the front bonnet catches which were also marking the bodywork.

Foam padding protecting bodywork from bonnet springs

Minor gremlins?

Having run the car for a few weeks here are a few observations.

We have been spoiled by modern, premium cars and  the one thing that the Caterham does not shield you from is NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness). You hear everything, which is not bad, just different. You do find yourself wondering is that a gremlin, or just a “characteristic” of  the car.

Having said that it is great to be so close to the mechanics. I don’t think I will tire of seeing the front suspension hard at work over undulating tarmac, or  seeing the front wheels actually turning into a bend. Driving the car doors off is a particularly invigorating and sense-stimulating experience. Just make sure you are wrapped up!

A Frame groans

Initially there was a groaning from the NSR of the car, particularly when the car was manoeuvring at low speed. Forums suggested this was the A Frame bushes and should settle down.

Gearbox noise

The gearbox is noisy on a trailing throttle / under engine braking especially in 4th and 2nd gear. It sounds like gravel shaking on a metal tray.


The brakes squeak horribly, especially at low speed. I need to put some copper slip behind the pads.