End Of The Road

So today I said goodbye to the Seven, two years and one week since it was originally delivered.

I never had firm plans as to whether I would be keeping it forever or selling it at some stage. The original motivation to buy it was the challenge of the build and the satisfaction that gave us. Having the car at the end was a bonus.

We talked about building another, but felt that it would probably not be as much fun as doing the first one as we would know what we were doing. We were pretty proud of the quality of our first attempt,  so did not feel there was much room for improvement (in our standards, anyway).

Although frustrating at first when reflecting back we agreed that solving the problems, or finding workarounds was actually the most rewarding  bit. I fancied trying something that involved more actual fabrication, initiative and personalisation.

I’m not sure where this will lead, but I have started another blog; Team Ivans Cobra….

The car has gone to a good home and I wish Jeff, the new owner as much enjoyment as I got out of the car.