Battery Conditioner

As the autumn looms my thoughts turned to the time when the car would spend more time in the garage than on the road, I wanted to get a battery charger / conditioner fitted to keep the battery in good shape.

After the inevitable web research it seemed to come down to Optimate vs CTEK. I had an optimal on the TVR I used to own. It was a great bit of kit. I had it mounted in the boot so it was only ever a case of pulling the lead out under the bottled and plugging it in. It worked really well thought the ten or so years I had the car.

I have to say though that the optimate website was so clunky and “old fashioned” it really put me off, despite being a previously satisfied customer. CTEK also had good reviews, so I decided to get a    n MXS 5.0 which is described as a battery charger with automatic temperature compensation. It cost around £60 from Amazon and comes with a 5 year warranty.

Unboxing CTEX MSX5.0
Unboxing CTEX MSX5.0

The kit comes with “comfort connect.” The charger unit cable has a small multiplug which can connect to one of two adapter leads. One has traditional crocodile clips and the other eyelets for a more permanent installation.

Charger unit and multiplug

I used the more permeant adapter and the eyelets fitted over the terminal bolts fine. I had to remove the aluminium battery fixing bar to route the cables behind the battery for the neatest and safest installation.

Fixing the adapter lead. Note the multiple with weather cover.

Plugging in the unit I selected the normal and AGM modes and let the unit go through its 8 step charging programs. These analyse the condition of the battery, providing bulk or reconditioning charges as required before settling down to a “float cycle” which resorts the whole process every 10 days or if the voltage drops.

Charger in use.

I’m very pleased with the unit – just wondering if I can find a way of wall mounting it to neaten the appearance a bit…

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