First Service

The car went to Caterham Midlands for its first service this week.

It’s a shame that the dealership is closing as all the alternatives are further away from both my and Carl’s house. Overall we’ve had a good experience dealing with them.

The service was carried out very promptly and cost us £160.  We asked them to look at a few other things whilst doing the service, with the following outcomes:

  • Breather bottle / catch tank is about 50% full of oil. Is this normal? Yes – need to keep an eye on it and the oil level and empty / top up as required.
  • Breather bottle / catch tank top has disappeared. They replaced it.
  • Gearbox is noisy on a trailing throttle / under engine braking especially in 4th and 2nd gear. It sounds like gravel shaking on a metal tray. They reckon that this noise is coming from the differential and is normal.
  • Service book not stamped with PBC. This was done

Carl commented that the car feels a lot more run in having not driven it for a few weeks.

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