Minor gremlins?

Having run the car for a few weeks here are a few observations.

We have been spoiled by modern, premium cars and  the one thing that the Caterham does not shield you from is NVH (Noise, Vibration & Harshness). You hear everything, which is not bad, just different. You do find yourself wondering is that a gremlin, or just a “characteristic” of  the car.

Having said that it is great to be so close to the mechanics. I don’t think I will tire of seeing the front suspension hard at work over undulating tarmac, or  seeing the front wheels actually turning into a bend. Driving the car doors off is a particularly invigorating and sense-stimulating experience. Just make sure you are wrapped up!

A Frame groans

Initially there was a groaning from the NSR of the car, particularly when the car was manoeuvring at low speed. Forums suggested this was the A Frame bushes and should settle down.

Gearbox noise

The gearbox is noisy on a trailing throttle / under engine braking especially in 4th and 2nd gear. It sounds like gravel shaking on a metal tray.


The brakes squeak horribly, especially at low speed. I need to put some copper slip behind the pads.