Email #7

Hi Derek

Happy New Year

I hope you had a good break with not to many emails from your kit building community!

We made some more good progress, but as usual have a few clarifications we need your help with:

1. Throttle Cable

Ours seems to be a lot shorter than that described in the manual.It would have to go straight across the top of the cam cover to reach the throttle body. Also, the end does not fit comfortably in slot/hole the pedal as described in the manual. [See photos]. I will send the correct cable.

DSCN0864 DSCN0865 II





2. 2nd Red Battery Lead
We have a second red lead. We have one going to the starter motor. Where does the other one go? you only need one the other has been sent by mistake.

3. Breather Pipe / Catch Tank
We have no “elbows” to fit the 5/16” and 5/8” hoses into the catch tank you kindly sent. We don’t use elbows on your type of breather we just drill holes into the bottle to take the pipe.

4. Fixing of Lambda probe
Have you any tips as to the best way to fix the lambda probe under the driver’s footwell? We rivet on cradle clips but you can get stick on ones and tie the wires to them.

5. Torque settings – steering column UJ
P60 and p63 of the manual state different torque figures for the UJ on the steering column. 11NM vs 20NM. Which one is correct? 20nm

6. Submarine T-piece nut
We cannot find a nut to fit the Submarine T pice to fix the temp sensor lead to it. You can find a spare but in the lighting kit it is 5mm

7. We have no bolts for the lower rear spring damper unit. Faster Pack 30R011A bolt (3) [½” x 2½” Part Number BF1/2X2.1/2]. Four are listed on the sheet in the fastener pack. We do not have any. I will send some out.

8. The last bit of coolant hose is not silicone like the others. As such it “kinks” as opposed to “bends.” We could have used this on a different, straighter section, but we have already cut and fitted all the other sections. Is it possible to get a length of the silicone hose instead? I will send you a length.
Thanks very much