Email #9

Hi John,
I will get the correct cable sent out. In the factory we no longer fit under seat carpet.
Kind regards

Thanks Derek

Any advice on the carpet question?

I should have mentioned the throttle cable too.



Hello John,
I have chased this up so you should get the parts this week.
Kind regards


Hi Derek

The two bolts (all four listed in the fastener pack) for the rear spring damper bottom mounts and the extra silicone hose you indicated you would send in your last email have not arrived. Have you sent them?

Plus is there any sign of the filter element for the airbox? (it was out of stock on 17 Dec)

The only new question I have is regarding the carpets. There are two which look like they go under the seats – they are the right shape, apart from the “step” or ledge down into the lowered floor running along the transmission tunnel. Do we need to cut them, or are there special carpets for lowered floor cars?

Best regards

John (& Carl)