Email #10

Hello John,

I will send out the parts, make sure the lever is down and it is clipped in correctly. We only do one cable and we don’t ever have any problems with it.

Kind regards


Hi Derek

Hope you don’t mind a few more clarifications following our latest sessions building the car.

1. Could you send us a couple more 17-25mm jubilee clips for the heater hose. We seem to be two short.

2. We also don’t appear to have a grommet to fit in the passenger footwell hole. We do have two others, but they seem a) too big and b) more likely for the knee trim panels

3. Lastly we cannot fathom out the fitting of the handbrake cables to the brake callipers. Our cable seems to be too short. With the handbrake completely off we cannot get either square hole anywhere near the hook on the calliper. One side is about 1 inch short, the other is more like 2 inches short. Any tips?