Rust Protection

  • Again before bolting anything on, apply Waxoyl / Dinitrol – whatever your poison – I used Dinitrol 3125 ordered from Frosts. Can also be purchased from some Halfords in aerosol form. Apply with a £1 hand held garden spray and paint brush to all the bits you think might benefit (very subjective this). I waited till 2 months after I had finished the build, so access to some areas was difficult and it was a lot colder when I did this job, so had to fill the garage with electric heaters to get the temperature up.
  • Apply Waxoyl / Dinitrol to all bolts heads, nuts and exposed threads after torquing using paint brush. I did this again once winter had started and everything was covered in crud/muck etc.. Not all the bolts are all zinc plated and the exposed threads start to rust quite quickly.
  • Remove the wooden boot floor and the honeycomb panel over the tank for improved access – for assembly and waxoyl treatment of bodywork behind the tank.
  • Before assembling anything I masked off the area of bodywork where it passes and is attached beneath the chassis rails and sprayed it with stone chip undersell.

Source: Blatchat

Other possibles

Underseal under cycle wings and rear wings

Caterham Build Project