• Polish all bodywork a couple of times before bolting anything on. This will be the last time you have access to all areas without bits of suspension sticking out. (Caterham finish the paintwork with a polishing compound and mop only – no protective ‘wax’ polish is applied.) I didn’t do this but I wish I had…
  • Be careful masking bodywork to prevent “dings” while building. Masking tape can be difficult to remove if left in place too long. I used bits of cardboard (you’ll have plenty from the packaging), cut to fit and positioned, rather than taped into place.
  • As for powder coating, I chose to leave the carpet set at the Factory and had the interior ‘blacked’ (charged £270), using just the custom-made rubber mats. Very low maintenance to clean should it ever get wet in there (which it will).
Source: Blatchat
  • The bonnet is fitted with loose sticky backed foam strips under the sides for TRANSPORT PURPOSES only. Don’t immediately peel off the backing and stick the foam down – it takes ages to scrape off with your thumb nail. (Although you may end up putting some bits of it back to stop the bonnet fretting and rattling…..)
Source: Blatchat build techniques, originally by Peter – Red Roadsport SV. List rescued by BBL from California
  • It was also recommended to consider Armourfend ( or something similar, especially on the rear wings, as they get a serious sand blasting from the front wheels…

Caterham Build Project