11 Differential

  • For tightening rear drive shafts, I drilled 2 holes in a 5ft length of steel flat bar and slipped this over the wheel studs (without the wheel fitted of course) – 2 big washers and the wheel nuts held the bar on. The torque wrench then easily did the job with the steel bar end against the garage floor to stop the drive shaft going round.
  • If you are a f@rt-@rse like me then it will take you 3 attempts to centralise the diff. using the various packing washers, but then you will feel really smug because you have got it centred within 0.5mm – much better than the +/-2 mm in the manual!
  • (Ditto on the A frame/DeDion assembly)
  • The manual tells you to slide the prop shaft into the transmission tunnel before fitting the diff. There is a good reason for this, as I proved conclusively that you cannot get the prop shaft into position after the diff is fitted.

Source: Blatchat build techniques,originally by Peter – Red Roadsport SV. List rescued by BBL from California

  • Make sure long differential bolt goes through hole in differential before trying to fit differential in place AND check threaded holes in diff with the bolts while it’s still on the bench.
  • Extend differential breather to underside rear of chassis or into catch tank (small plastic bottle).
Source: Blatchat

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