6 Engine

  • When engine was being installed I set the length of the slings front/rear so that the engine/gearbox was horizontal front to back (viewed from side) but I didn’t notice it was slightly rolled over when looking from front. This roll angle prevented the gearbox from entering the transmission tunnel and I had to pull out (!!) and start again. I ended up with sling lengths of 6” front, 16” rear which meant that the engine/gearbox was not rolled when viewed from front but front of engine was higher than gearbox by quite a lot. This actually helped as this was the natural angle to insert the assembly and it just slid to place like a good ‘n
Source: Blatchat build techniques,originally by Peter – Red Roadsport SV. List rescued by BBL from California
  • A strop passed through the centre gap of the inlet manifold gives just the right amount of tilt to the engine/gearbox assembly for insertion – get a proper lifting strop and shackle (Machine Mart) rather than mess with rope or whatever.
Source: Blatchat

Caterham Build Project