5 Gearbox

  • Check the manual’s listing of torque figures for every different diameter bolt – don’t try to tighten the bellhousing/sump bolts up to the same torque as the bellhousing/engine bolts – it’s too high.
  • Double check the bellhousing to gearbox bolts are torque tightened. After you have installed the engine/gearbox into the car is not a good time to start to wonder whether you did actually tighten these 4 bolts properly.
  • Diff and gearbox can be more easily filled using small plastic funnel (swiped from SWMBO cookery drawer) and a length of clear section tubing (found it in the garage). You can tell when the gearbox and diff. is full because the oil runs out all over the floor
  • When filling gearbox be aware that some oil is left in following manufacturer’s assembly so you won’t get the full book amount in the box. This won’t stop you trying though with the resulting oil spill as above.
  • When filling gearbox, don’t lift the plastic filler funnel too high to see what’s going on in the tube – this pulls the funnel out of the clear tubing, so that the oil in the funnel runs all over the ECU on the scuttle and the tube drops to the floor starting another spillage – this causes brain overload as you don’t know which oil puddle to mop up first.

Source: Blatchat build techniques,originally by Peter – Red Roadsport SV. List rescued by BBL from California

  • Do not use copperslip on the blue propshaft flange screws.
  • Fit speed sender to gearbox before installing engine unit in car (but take care when lowering into place).
Source: Blatchat


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