• For brakes I used a Gunson Ezibleed (spelling?), but I didn’t use more than 10 psi in spare tyre to provide ‘power pressure’, and after getting brake fluid over everything at first attempt, I didn’t fill the (Gunson) intermediate reservoir with fluid. Left it dry and just kept my eye on the level in the master cylinder and made sure it didn’t fall below minimum. I found DIY bleeding straight forward using this method (plus tapping rear calipers with mallet as recommended in manual, chanting ancient incantations and only carrying out the bleeding during a full moon) and once the pads had bedded in I had a nice hard brake pedal.
  • Top tip – if you ever need to get excess fluid out of the brake master cylinder, not that I put too much in of course – excess fluid can be easily sucked out of master cylinder using a chicken basting syringe, plastic tubey type thing with rubber bulb on the end type thingy. (99p from Wilko)

Source: Blatchat build techniques,originally by Peter – Red Roadsport SV. List rescued by BBL from California

Caterham Build Project