19 IVA Approval

  • Make sure brake pads are well bedded before SVA test. Mine failed on front brake balance test which turned out to be a simple lack of pad bedding-in, but meant a further return trip to Derby and a re-test fee.
  • Book SVA well in advance – I waited till I had engine in and running before applying for test date – sent letter off around beginning August 03, first available date at Derby was October 8th, 03.
  • Ask Caterham for advise on best place to take car for SVA – this can remove a lot of worry.
  • Think before you drive on the road before the SVA. You will not be road legal. I was going to drive my car to Caterham for the post build check but I lost my bottle and trailered it there. I asked DVLA/vehicle inspection section about this and legally you are “only allowed to drive the car to and from the SVA test and also to and from a pre-booked appointment to have relevant repair work done if the vehicle fails the test, subject to insurance cover and compliance with the appropriate Regulations. Any other journeys must be undertaken by transporter”. For driving to and from the SVA test you get insurance on the chassis number.
  • Mentioned once already but remember to kick of the SVA as soon as possible. You don’t need to worry that by sending the initial forms off you will end up with having to specify a date you might not be ready for. It takes a few weeks from sending the first form off before you are in a position where you need to agree a date with them – and at that stage its a case of when you are ready you simply phone them up and make the appointment (usually a week or two lead time).
  • Remember to replace wooden panel in boot before you take car for a test run – this will prevent loose tools etc from dropping out of the car as you bounce down the potholed road which runs along to your garage from the main road.

Source: Blatchat build techniques,originally by Peter – Red Roadsport SV. List rescued by BBL from California

  • If you are having Caterham do a post build check you’ll need to allow a couple of weeks lead time with them first as well (They usually will ask you to wait until you have an SVA date……..) I messed up and ended up waiting 5 weeks after building the car before It was SVA’d and on the road!
Source: Blatchat


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