Web Resources

Here are some of the most useful blogs and videos we came across when researching our build.

Andrew Bissell’s Classic Green SV 175PS, built in 2014.


Chris Hutchison’s YouTube videos of his Caterham Academy car build in 2012. Great quality video.


Dominic Gregory’s Pearlescent Yellow Supersport, built in 2014


Part of the patentlyblogspot – musings of a Patent Attorney who builds a red Academy car in 2012. Couldn’t find his name…


Tom Wood’s White Supersport, built in 2013


Daniel French’s Gulf liveried R500, built in 2014. A tale of missing parts, especially fuel pumps and an interesting take on Caterham’s customer service.


Best Of The Best (the company that gives away free cars in spot the ball competitions) building a blue Supersport R in 2014.



There are also a couple more that only cover the early parts of the build, such as Ian Webster’s Silver Supersport, built in 2012. The blog only covers about six days.


Also Andrew Wiggins’ Viper? Blue Supersport, built 2012. His blog stops at rear suspension.


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