Build Record

Below is a table of our build schedule. Click the link of any session to read about more detail in the blog entry.

The man hours calculation is generous. Although most of the time there were two of us “working,” it tended to be one of us working on the car, the other would be holding the light or passing the tools…!

# No. at work Hours Total Hours Tasks
1 2 6 Hrs 12 Hrs Steering Rack
Lower wishbone
Spring damper
Upper wishbone
RH headlight
2 1 1 Hr 1 Hr IVA trim on indicator pods
RH headlight wiring
3 1 1 Hr 1 Hr Removal of suspension components
Removal of steering rack
Trial masking
Heat shrink on RH headlight
4 2 6 Hrs 30 13 Hrs Masking up
Dinotrol in engine bay
LH headlight
Heater installation
Washer fluid pipe
Gearbox prep
5 2 5 Hrs 10 Hrs Removal of masking
Tape up wings
Installation of steering rack
Install LH & RH wishbones
Dry fit RH upright & FARB mounts
6 2 8 Hrs 16 Hrs Finish & fit headlight units
Fit & torque remaining front suspension components
Fit & torque uprights
Fit Front Anti Roll Bar
Fit washer tube and wiring.
7 2 5 Hrs 10 Hrs Gearbox onto engine
Engine hoist testing
8 3/2 5 Hrs 13 Hrs Engine Install
9 2 5 Hrs 10 Hrs Electrics (Starter Motor)
Radiator & fan
Throttle Cable
Fuel line
10 2 6 Hrs 30 13 Hrs Re-route electrics & final fit
Earth lead
Steering column & rack
Air inlet trim
11 2/3 7 Hrs 17 Hrs De-Dion dry fit & brake pipes
Front brake pipes
DeDion install (part)
12 2 4 Hrs 8 Hrs Watts Links x 2
Rear ARB First fit
A Frame First fit
13 2 7 Hrs 14 Hrs List of outstanding snagging
Disassemble rear suspension
Fit brake pipes to De Dion
Fill differential
Fit De Dion
Spring Damper Units
Watts Link
Rear Anti Roll Bar
Headlight multiplugs
Drill lambada probe clip holes
Drill & rivet breather bottle
14 2 8 Hrs 16 Hrs Fit "lambada" probe
Drill holes in breather bottle & fit hoses
Remove & clean propshaft bolts and re-fit with Loctite
Reversing light wiring
Rear carpet header
Boot carpets
Rivet transmission tunnel top
15 2 6 Hrs 30 13 Hrs Spring Damper Units
Drive shafts
De Dion Ears
A Frame
Handbrake (stop)
Throttle cable
Transmission tunnel carpet
Footwell carpet
Seat (test)
16 1 20 Mins 20 Mins Handbrake cable attachment
17 2 6 Hrs 30 13 Hrs Torque up Watts link arms
LH transmission tunnel carpet
Top up diff oil
Fit last heater hose
Handbrake P-clips
Boot quarter carpets
Boot carpet
Fuel filler trim
Bulkhead carpet
Roll bar
Scuttle trim
18 2 7 Hrs 14 Hrs Knee trim panels
Side panel riveting
Transmission tunnel top cover
Wing protector
Rear wing (RH)
19 2 5 Hrs 10 Hrs Adjust handbrake
Torque rear hubs
LH rear wing
Replace boot floor
RH cycle wing:
IVA trim
Bighead bonding
20 2 7 Hrs 30 15 Hrs LH cycle wing (wrong)
Rear lights
Hood sticks
Side screens
Nose cone
21 2 7 Hrs 30 15 Hrs LH cycle wing holes
Bigheads bonding
RH cycle wing wiring
Hood poppers
Boot cover
Engine Oil
22 2 7 Hrs 30 15 Hrs LH cycle wing wiring
Brake system fill & bleed
Clutch fill & bleed
Petrol fill
Connect Battery
Wipers & washer fluid
Fit wheels
12v Power Socket
23 2 6 Hrs 12 Hrs Earth tracing (RH wing)
Harness holes in boot cover
Boot cover popper bases
Paint wing bolts in boot black
IVA caps
Cable tie electrics & speed sensor
Interior mirror
Fusebox cover
Knee trim panel IVA
Bonnet badge
Torque wheels
Remove axle stands
24 2 2 Hrs 4 Hrs Foam pads on bonnet
Rear decal
Wheel Centres
Relocate mirrors for IVA
Second coat of paint on bolts in boot
25 1 4 Hrs 4 Hrs IVA Caps
Round off wipers
Re-earth brake calliper
Re-bleed brakes
Remove sidescreen hinges (IVA)
Underseal cycle wings
Total 269 Hrs

Caterham Build Project