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Don’t spoil the ship…

Our research with bodyshops showed that it was going to be at least the same if not more to get the damaged wing repaired. I therefore ordered a replacement from Tony at Caterham.

While on the phone I asked him if there was a black silencer guard available. With our car having the black pack and the small guard already on the catalytic converter, I thought a similar guard on the silencer would look good. He said there was one that would fit and it was £35. Sold!

Email #13 – Options

I emailed Derek today to find out how easy it was to get a replacement wing. He pointed me in the direction of Tony, the parts guy at Caterham. I phoned him and found out that the wing would be just under £60 and he estimated about £80-£100 for painting it. It was about what I was expecting, but made the mistake we had made all the more irritating.

Before I bite the bullet and order it Carl is going to do a bit of research with bodyshops to see what it would cost to repair and repaint the existing wing.